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IT Park Scheme @ Softex Consultancy Services
Considering Maharashtra’s strengths in terms of human resources, connectivity and infrastructure, and the special of information Technology (IT) for generating employment, increasing efficiency and improving the quality of life, the State Government announced its first IT policy in 1998. it was followed by the IT and IT-Enabled Services(ITES)Policy in 2003 which provided comprehensive support for the further development of this sector in Maharashtra and subsequently introduced IT / ITES Policy 2009.

Infrastructural and fiscal benefits:

1. 100% additional FSI shall be made available to all registered IT/ITES units (including) Telecom manufacturing units) in public and Private IT/ITES Parks approved by the Directorate of Industries.

2. In order to support efforts to develop Mumbai as an International financial Centre and considering the scope for financial services in Pune, their nexus with IT/ITES and their employment potential, upto 30% of the built –up area in IT/ITES Parks in the Mumbai and Pune Metropolitan Region may be utilized for specified financial services provided that at least 50% of the built-up area is used for IT/ITES and not more than 20% for support facilities.

The following support facilities will be permitted in IT/ITES parks:-
  • Banking Services

  • Medical Stores

  • Convenience Shopping outlets

  • Communication Centre

  • Conference and meeting Halls

  • Travel Agencies

  • Food services, including cafeterias, food courts, coffee shops, etc.

  • Dispensaries

  • Recreational facilities including gymnasiums, club houses etc.

  • Guest Houses

  • Vehicles Services Centres for Automobiles (In nashik, Aurangabad, Nagpur and Low HDI districts)

  • Accommodation facilities including Hotels/ Service Apartments (in Nashik, Aurangabad, Nagpur and Low HDI districts)

3. Eligible IT-ITES units covered under PSI will be exempt from payment of Electricity Duty as per the provision of that Scheme

4. IT/ITES units will be supplied power at industrial rates applicable under the Maharastra Electricity Regulatory Commissioner’s tariff orders

5. IT-ITES units, including IT Hardware and Telecom Hardware manufacturing units will be entitled to Stamp Duty exempted as follows:

  • 100% Stamp duty exempted for the following transactions to all new registered IT-ITES units and expansions/ areas, in C, D, D+ No Industry and low HDI Districts : Hypothecation, pawn, pledge, deposit of title deeds, conveyance, charge on mortgage property ,lease mortgage deed and security bond on mortgage deed

  • 100% Stamp duty exemption for the following transaction to new IT-ITES units and expansions in public IT parks, in IT, IT Hardware and Telecom Hardware Manufacturing SEZ’s in A and B areas: hypothecation, pawn ,pledge deeds, conveyance and lease

  • 75% Stamp Duty exemption for the following transaction to new IT-ITES units and expansion in private IT parks (including IT hardware, and telecom hardware manufacturing units) in A and B areas : hypothecation, pawn, pledge deeds, conveyance, lease and public assignment lease

  • 90% Stamp Duty exemption on merger, de-merger and reconstruction of IT-ITES units throughout the state

  • 90% Stamp Duty exemption to assignment leases of IT-ITES units under section 60 and leave and licenses of IT-ITES under section 36 AS of the Bombay Stamp Act 1958.

6. Works contract tax on annual maintenance agreement of IT-ITES units shall generally be charged at the minimum rates recommended by the relevant Empowered Committee at the centre, barring certain exceptions

7. IT –ITES units shall be exempt from octroi / entry tax or other cess or tax levied in lieu of these

8. Property tax shall be levied on IT-ITES units at par with residential rates at applicable in the relevant jurisdictions

9. IT-ITES units (except IT hardware and telecom Hardware Manufacturing Units) will be allowed in any Zone (including residential and no-development zones etc.)

10. To supplement infrastructural investment by the State Government and Urban local bodies, developers of private IT parks will be permitted to establish high quality road connectivity to the highways. Such roads will be transferred by the developers to the urban local bodies, and the investments made by the developers would be adjusted against the property tax payable to the local bodies in future

11. Vat on sale of IT products will generally be charged at the minimum floor rate recommended by the concerned Empowered Committee at the centre with some exceptions.

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